So, You Want to Be a Superintendent

So, You Want to Be a Superintendent of Schools: Topics for Interview Questions

  1. Improvement of Learning and Teaching
  2. Implementing the Common Core
  3. Building Constituencies
  4. What do you think are the most difficult type of problems that you will face?
  5. Dealing with an angry hostile crowd
  6. Building an Effective Leadership Team
  7. Succession Planning
  8. Response to Crises
  9. Developing a School Budget

10.Capital Improvement Planning

11.Teacher and Principal Evaluations

12.Entry Plan–1st hundred days

13.What qualities do you look for in candidates?

14.Board-Superintendent Relationship—information to one is information to all; role is to protect the Board; Board is a body corporate; what gets communicated and how; building consensus; school board member visits to schools; communication with school leaders

15.Central Office Relationships

16.Principal-Superintendent Relationship

17.What functions does Superintendent take charge of directly?

18.Appointments and Tenure Decisions

19.Developing district goals

20.Negotiations with various unions

21.Communicating with School Counsel

22.Superintendent Hearings

23.Board Meetings—executive session; agenda; dealing with open session; role of Board President; open meeting law

24.Dealing with Grievances

25.Conducting Investigations of Wrong Doing

26.Superintendent Evaluation

27.Superintendent’s Contract

28.Bond Issue

29.Snow Days

30.Dealing with the Union Leaders


32.Building High Morale

33.Creating and Sustaining Positive Change

34.Decision Making Process

35.Making Unpopular Decisions

36.School Security and Public Safety

37.Relations with Police and Fire Officials

38.Maintaining Positive Public Relations

39.Visibility vs. Accessibility

40.Speaking with One Voice

41.Interfacing—parents, students, teachers, community leaders, community

42.Public Image

43.Dealing with “special requests and favors”

44.Dealing with Disloyal Administrators

45.Revising and Creating School Board Policies

46.What would you do if you strongly disagreed with a decision of the Board?

47.How long do you expect to remain in the district?

48.Are there any issues that might be non-negotiable?

49.Free speech and student publications

50.Role of technology

51.Cost of special education

52.Comprehensive Self-Evaluation

53.Buildings and Grounds

54.Cost Saving Strategies

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