Month: February 2019

Questions to Ask When Closing the Deal

You have survived three interviews and are now down to one of three candidates. Your last stop is with the Superintendent of Schools and two of the Assistant Superintendents. They are going to ask you, “Do you have any questions for us?”
Be aware, their time is limited, and they will appreciate it if you limit yourself to about three questions. Nevertheless, the quality of your questions does make an impact and can be a game changer. Your goal is to impress them with your professionalism, thoughtfulness, and collegiality.

These are a few questions from which you might chose:
1. What do you want me to accomplish by the end of the year that would result in you saying that I’ve been successful?
2. Big picture, what is your vision for this district?
3. In your opinion, what are the assets and the liabilities in coming into this position?
4. Are there any third rails I need to be aware of?
5. What advice do you have for my success?

How do these questions reflect upon you as a candidate? I would conclude that you are (1) interested in being successful; (2) willing to fit in and fulfill their goals; (3) thoughtful and curious about their current status; (4) eager to gain background knowledge and get off to a quick start.

Asking good open-ended questions also serves as a vehicle to extend the conversation. I suggest, you briefly comment on their responses in your attempt to extend the conversation. “I have some experience dealing with______.” “How much progress are you making in your ______ initiative? What problems are you encountering” “I’m very impressed with what you are saying.”

In addition, at the conclusion of the interview, you should always ask: “When can I expect to hear back from you?”