What Does Career Coaching Involve?

Have you thought about being coached to improve your resume and your performance during interviews and what it entailed? As a successful coach of 100’s and 100’s of educators for over twelve years, let me give you a brief overview of my approach: (1) review of your resume and cover letter (no charge); (2) free 10 minute telephone in-take conversation; (3) schedule and conduct virtual one-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions depending on your needs. The following is a brief summary of what takes place:

1. Review of Your Resume (no charge)         

2. 10-minute In-Take Conversation (no charge)

   a. What position(s) are you seeking?

   b. How long have you been applying for jobs? How many jobs have you applied for?

   c. How many first-round interviews have you had? Second-round? Beyond second-round?

   d. What do you think the problem might be in not moving on in the process?

   e. Provide information regarding fee; scheduling; brief feedback on resume; answer additional questions

f. If you are interested, schedule a session

3. Coaching Sessions (clients determine their needs and how many sessions they want)

  • Review and revise resume and cover letter if needed; how to prepare for an interview; and begin analyzing and crafting response to “Tell Us About Yourself”
  • Email relevant attachments to guide each session
  • Finalize and practice response to “Tell Us About Yourself”
  • Mutually create your narrative that emphasizes your strengths and neutralizes any potential weakness
  • Strategize answers to 10 to 20 of the most frequently asked questions.
  • Analyze what your future supervisor is really looking for.
  • Do mock interviews and get constructive feedback.
  • Learn strategies and tactics on “how to close the deal” and negotiate salary.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, EMAIL: larryaronstein@yahoo.com  or test or call 516-423-0240.

Visit: www.larryaronstein.com


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