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Dr. Larry Aronstein

Dr.  Larry Aronstein

I’ll be finishing up on my work as the Interim Superintendent of North Babylon Schools on March 3rd (very proud of my leadership team for what we’ve accomplished over the last 6 months). Laurie and I will be traveling for the 2nd and 3rd weeks in March. My new and expanded book “GETTING YOUR SCHOOL LEADERSHIP JOB” will be published in the Spring. And I will continue coaching educators, as I have been doing for the last 12 years. LIFE IS GOOD!!


Provides one-on-one coaching to school leaders, aspiring leaders and teachers in their preparation of resumes and cover letters, and in preparing them for interviews for a reasonable per session fee. Once you get the job, Larry will coach you through the transition process and potential crises by figuring out the cultural and political landscape that can be problematic to your success. He has coached more than 800 candidates get their dream jobs over the last ten years. Dr. Aronstein provides his unique services to clients nationally and internationally.


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Over the 10 years Larry Aronstein has coached more than 800 school leaders and aspiring leaders. Larry’s clients’ revised resumes yielded 40% more interviews for them, and the majority of his clients landed leadership jobs. See their testimonials in their own words.

He can be contacted at:

Larryaronstein@yahoo.com. Call or Text at 516-423-0240


Purchase Dr. Aronstein’s best selling ebook, “Landing Your School Leadership Job“:  http://www.e-junkie.com/schoolleadership20/product/495531.php


Larry represents the consummate professional educator. He spent 46 years in public education, having started as a teacher, then working as a principal at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, and retiring as Superintendent of Schools of the Glen Cove Public Schools.

Dr. Aronstein is the founder of Educational Performance Consultants. He consults and trains school leaders in how to effectively observe and evaluation staff, among other projects.

Many credit Aronstein with leading the Glen Cove and Copiague school districts into periods of renaissance. Aronstein relishes the challenge of coaching supervisors and teachers to excel as instructional leaders.

Long before moving to Long Island, Aronstein was lauded for his superior leadership skills, winning the Massachusetts Principal of the Year award. In addition, during his tenure at the John Glenn Middle School in Bedford, Mass., the school was awarded the prestigious National Recognition Award, which he received at the White House by George H.W. Bush.

He has published dozens of articles in leading educational periodicals, including Educational Leadership, NASSP Bulletin, Science Teacher, and Action Learning, an ASCD publication. He has consulted in districts throughout the country, and in Germany. He was the founder and director of the highly respected Long Island Leadership Academy, mentoring scores of educational leaders.



I have accepted the position of Special Education Supervisor for Special Services. While I did not get the position for which I originally reached out to you to help me prepare, your coaching and words of wisdom clearly helped me along the way. CT

I just want to give you an update on my professional career. I was appointed as assistant principal to our Intermediate School. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance, it truly assisted in the process. KR

It has been a long journey but let me thank you for your confidence in me and your help in the past. It is greatly appreciated. CC

Larry, I just finished my interview. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was the first time that I stepped into an interview with a sense of confidence and knowledge enough to eloquently express and describe who I am. I could not have done that without your help and your assistance. SG

Working with Dr. Aronstein was a pleasure! His deep knowledge and professionalism gave me the skill set to enter confidently into the interview room. He walked me through the intricate process of each interview round and the preparation necessary for any scenario. With Dr. Aronstein’s guidance, I was successful in getting my new position. CP

Dr. Aronstein helped me land my first assistant principal position! He gave me the support, the guidance, and – most importantly – the confidence I needed to succeed every step of the way. Working with Dr. A was the BEST decision I made for myself, and I’ll never forget what he did for me. Highly recommend!! JC

Dr. A has been a tremendous help in understanding the process and questions for an administrative position. He has helped me understand what they are seeking during the questioning process and I’m very thankful of all his support. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him to anyone seeking an administration position. D.R.

Being coached by Dr. Aronstein not only gave me confidence and a sense of preparedness for interviews, but he helped me realize that I can continue to be an effective educational leader. His advice goes past just getting a job. His support and advice will continue to guide me throughout my career. Thank you Dr. A! MK

I saw a job posting that I knew was the perfect fit for me, I had the skill set and the qualifications required, but interviewing was my weak point. A friend recommended I meet with Dr. Aronstein. I made the appointment, we met three times, and I got my dream job! Thank you so much for building my confidence, helping me articulate my skills/experience, and preparing me for the interviews, you helped make it happen! LS

Thanks again so much for your help and guidance–it definitely made me feel more confident and made a difference. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your time! DF

I was offered a probationary special education position. I am so excited! I will be forever grateful for all of your advice and encouragement. I think it made all the difference. NC

I GOT THE JOB!! I was just offered a special education position. I cannot thank you enough for helping me to get to this point!! SB

I can’t thank Dr. Aronstein enough for helping me through the interview process. He not only helped me prepare for interviews and possible difficult questions I may be asked, he also served as a sounding board and a great source of information when it comes to working in the school setting. He helped boost my confidence going into interviews and our time together paid off, as I was just offered a new position! AS

I cannot thank you enough for all of your targeted support throughout my search process. I was extremely frustrated prior to our first meeting and the sessions were so helpful for preparation and debrief. The feedback you gave helped me put my best foot forward, and land the job of my dreams! JP

I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with and learn from Dr. Aronstein. He seamlessly guided me through the process, from revising my cover letter and resume to providing me with invaluable information about interviewing. After only a few sessions, I knew exactly what to expect in every stage of each of my interviews. Dr. Aronstein is extremely knowledgeable not only of the requirements of the different administrative positions available, but also of the many different cultures of the districts across Long Island. JR

Dr. Larry has a unique skill set to share. He will provide you with the foundational skills of interviewing for an educational leadership role. His life long passion and expertise in the field position him to best support your interviewing needs. His unique approach will enable you to discover the best way to brand yourself. He will support you in identifying your greatest strengths and how to communicate them succinctly and effectively to a panel of interviewers. You will be best prepared for any leadership role interview after mentoring with Dr. Larry. GH

In just a few visits, Larry gave me the confidence and support I️ needed to rock the administrative interview process. The difference between my interviewing skills before hiring Larry and after are night and day. I️ am so grateful to have met this knowledgeable and experienced man, as I️ have landed my dream job in school administration because of his guidance. -CG

I just wanted to thank you for all of your guidance in June! I started my new position as Assistant Principal this week! I’m very happy and your assistance definitely made a difference. Hopefully our paths cross again soon. TK

I recently was awarded an Assistant Principal position and definitely credit the confidence and knowledge I gained from my meetings with Dr. Aronstein as a contributing factor to me obtaining this position. It is a career investment I will never regret! EH

I just wanted to thank you for all of your guidance and support through this tumultuous time. If it wasn’t for your help, I would not be in the position I am today. Thanks so much! LS

Dr Aronstein is so helpful in preparing you for the interviews. He works with you to help you get the message across that will make you stand out from the crowd. Throughout the process he wanted to ensure that I was successful. He is caring and extremely knowledgable as to what school districts want in a candidate. This was the best investment in myself to help me hone my interviewing skills. Thank you Dr. Aronstein for how caring and dedicated you are to the people you assist. MA

I am writing to thank you. I was just named Principal. I will be starting July 2nd.  The time you spent with me was not only educational but greatly appreciated. JC

When I made the decision to apply for a principal’s position, I knew I needed guidance and support with the process.  I had been an Assistant Principal for 10 years, and wanted to ensure that I understood current interview procedures and practices.  I conferred with Dr. Larry Aronstein, who guided me through the process and gave me the tools I needed to be successful.  He gave me advice, recommendations, strategies, and feedback, which not only developed my interview skills, but enabled me to reflect upon myself as a leader.  I gained valuable insight into my strengths and weaknesses which I feel developed me into a successful candidate.  He gave me confidence and encouragement, which kept me focused on the task at hand.  I felt that he was vested in my success and extremely supportive throughout the process.  When I was board approved as a school principal, he was one of the first people I contacted to share my exciting news.  I intend to continue to meet with Dr. Aronstein, as I feel his wealth of knowledge and experience will prove to be invaluable as I enter into my new role.  Dr. Aronstein was an integral part of my success, and would be an asset to any educator looking to grow in their profession. AD

The interview prep that Dr. Aronstein provides is a smart career investment. His insider knowledge is immeasurable and helped me to feel more comfortable and confident during recent interviews. Each meeting was a fascinating, in-depth discussion about education that helped me find ways to make my skills and experience stand out. NJ

How fortunate I am to have had Dr. Aronstein as an interview coach and mentor! He cared about my success and, more importantly, for me as a person. I highly recommend his services. JM

Dr. Aronstein’s sage guidance through the interview process was extremely vital to my success in landing an administrative job. Not only did he help develop my interview skill set and boost my self confidence, but he also gave key insight into how to lead after I got the job. Thank you for everything! LS

You have another success story in the books. I was offered the position of principal. I will be appointed at tomorrow night’s board meeting. TF

Dr. Aronstein was fantastic to work with; he is an excellent job coach. His insight and experience made all the difference in preparing me to interview with Long Island school districts. Finally, I got the job! A.L.

I’d like to thank you again for your help. I am blessed to say I’ve started a position as the Assistant Principal. I couldn’t be happier. Everyone’s been wonderful and I feel at home. I have referred you to a couple friends. I thank you again! NS

 “Happy to report that I got the job!  It wouldn’t have happened without the thoughtful, caring and learned advice of Dr. Aronstein.  He helps you to emphasize who you are and your strengths – and in some cases, helps you to get out of your own way.  After meeting with Larry, I was able to not only recognize my inner confidence but realize it when it really counted.  Thanks, Dr. Aronstein!”I think of you often and have muttered to myself, “What would Larry do?”  PD

I GOT THE JOB!!! I started to cry! They are starting me at a salary that is about what I would have been making in September and I will be teaching a primary classroom with ENL students within it and it is probationary! I could not have asked for more! I am so thrilled and I owe so much of my success with these interviews to you. I would certainly have not gotten this far if it wasn’t for your guidance and wisdom. Thank you so much. for everything. I am so happy!!! TP

I was appointed as the new Supervisor of Special Education. As I went through the application and interview process, all of your guiding practices and strategies were in the forefront of my mind. I truly believe that the work we did together allowed me to be selected for this position. I can’t say enough about the confidence that your workshop and 1:1 coaching sessions brought me while wading through the intense interview process. GW

After going on several unsuccessful leadership interviews, I met Dr. Aronstein at one of his leadership workshops.  Working with Dr. Aronstein allowed me to walk confidently into  future leadership interviews.  I am thrilled to say that I am starting my leadership position this week and I can’t commend Dr. Aronstein more for all his expertise! ST

Dr. Aronstein is a brilliant man who knows  school systems in and out. He can help you become the best because he is the best. He will tell you the truth and through honesty and molding you will be guaranteed interview ready! TC

I am very excited to tell you I have landed my first administrative position! Your coaching and your book definitely helped!  I had a very hard long road as an outside candidate  everywhere I interviewed and knowing that you and others have experienced the same obstacles helped me keep my stamina through all of the rejection. AS

You have my highest recommendation. You have been a wonderful help. Your advice, interest and knowledge have been extremely beneficial. JM

Dr. Aronstein helped me go into every interview feeling confident and prepared. Every session was fully customized to my needs and focused on all the aspects of the interview process. After going through multiple rounds of interviews, I could not fathom how I would have been successful without Larry’s insight. His assistance in helping me to develop a response to the most frequently asked question, “So tell us about yourself”, allowed me to make a great first impression on every interview. He also provided tons of small pointers which made all the difference. I highly recommend Dr. Aronstein and hope to work with him again in the future! – J.P. 

Thank you for all your help and recommendations on acing your interview. Your feedback on answering questions was extremely helpful. I would recommend your services to anyone looking to move into the administrative arena. Your advice on top questions asked in an interview were spot on and was a big reason I received my first job. MM

I was going on a lot of first, second and even third round interviews for an Assistant Superintendent for Business position but not getting the final offer. After meeting with Larry I understood how I needed to be more forthcoming in my approach and not wait for the interviewers to ask the questions that would allow me to tell them what I felt was important and relevant. Rather, Larry helped me come up with an approach that allowed me to discuss my strengths, give solid examples of how I used those strengths in my current and past positions and make it relevant to the interviewers and their District. Larry’s experience, insight and honesty in evaluating my approach were invaluable in helping me land my first School Business Official position. DC

When the interview process started becoming frustrating, especially when I was getting far in the process, but never getting the job, I did three things: bought Dr. Larry Aronstein’s book, “You’re Hired: Inside Secrets to Landing Your Leadership Job,” attended a workshop with him through BOCES, and eventually made an appointment to meet with him. Something important he taught me was to tell my story when they first asked about myself. I always spoke about my resume and my educational experiences, which they had in front of them. Once I talked about myself, as a person, I became more relatable to the committees and was able to connect with them on a more personal level. Dr. Aronstein and I brainstormed three strong character traits of mine, along with real life evidence that can be connected to a leadership job, to use when answering that question, and I believe that finally sealed the deal to me getting an assistant principal position on Long Island. TF

Making the choice to return to teaching after taking many years off was a big decision. Facing the numerous obstacles of finding a full-time position on Long Island proved to be almost impossible. Dr. Aronstein provided me with the tools necessary to get hired. He was always available to provide advice and support. Larry answered all of my questions and the input provided was always sincere. He is easy to speak with and he genuinely cares. I highly recommend Dr. Aronstein’s book and his services. M

Dr. Aronstein, or Coach as I refer to him, delivers. No one outside of my family took a greater interest in my job search, knew its particular twists and turns, gave greater advice, or was a bigger cheer leader. He punched up my resume, perfected my cover letter, and showed me how to answer the question behind the question in interviews. This man knows what he is talking about and will help you get to where you want to get to. AE

I wanted to write and let you know that last night I was BOE approved and appointed as the new Assistant Principal. Your devotion to helping me learn and grow throughout the interview process undoubtedly helped with this achievement! I have made it to the next level, and am so glad that our paths crossed when they did. I am looking forward to starting at my new home! AA

Upon completing my administrative degree program, I naively believed that I would walk into an interview and immediately be offered a job.  When that didn’t happen, I began to question myself and my goals.  Then I attended one of Larry’s workshops and approached him about one-on-one coaching.  This proved to be one of the best investments that I made in my career.  Larry’s approach to interviewing allows one to stand out from the crowd.  After I started working with him, I immediately became more confident in my interviews and began to tell my story more coherently.  Although it took a while for me to find my ideal position, Larry guided me every step of the way.   He was willing to meet with me whenever I needed him, he never let me get down, and consistently reiterated his confidence in me.   I truly believe that working with him has played a major role in my success and would urge any aspiring administrator or teacher not to let pride get in the way of seeking out Larry’s expertise, wisdom, and guidance.    B.S.
As an aspiring administrator for the past two years, I finally transitioned from an elementary teacher to a principal. I’ve been on several interviews and have made it to second and third rounds but to no avail. After meeting with Dr. Aronstein for a coaching session and reading his book, I was able to make it through to the final round and recently appointed principal!  I am truly grateful for the tools he has given me to successfully get through each interview.  While preparing to leave to go on his vacation, he took the time to coach me over the phone before my last interview.  That speaks to the commitment, dedication and passion he has in helping professional aspiring administrators get the job! If you are an aspiring administrator, I highly suggest you meet with Dr. Aronstein and purchase his book.  It is worth the investment. Not only will you gain a wealth of knowledge, you will feel confident and empowered.  Good luck to you!  A.B.
My name is Jack Mitchell and I’m the Business Services Supervisor for the Ossining UFSD.  As my career coach, Dr. Larry Aronstein has provided me with a comprehensive framework for interview preparation as well as a contextual understanding of the administrative hiring process.  Dr. Aronstein has also gone beyond the traditional “basics” and has helped me establish a powerful personal brand along with a novel way of presenting this message.  I’ve recommended him to all of my peers and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him to anyone else aspiring to become a school administrator in the future.

 One of the best interview prep tools I have given to myself was to work with a good coach. Larry has been a constant source of guidance, motivation, encouragement and support. Larry’s impact has been tremendous. As a coach, he has helped me think about the interview question being asked and structure an answer incorporating my philosophical beliefs. He has coached me to focus on my plan and answer much more efficiently. Larry’s an amazing coach who masterfully combines his expertise, wisdom, compassion, and tenacity with proven skills and techniques to ensure you meet your goals. Larry works with you to achieve your professional goals and is committed to  your success even after your coaching sessions have ended. Shannon Malagreca

As soon as I downloaded Dr. Aronstein’s e-book, YOU’RE HIRED, I read it from cover to cover. It was filled with practical advice that I could use immediately in my job search. I knew that Larry’s coaching would provide me with the energy needed to push my interviewing skills to the next level. Before our first consultation, I felt my interviews had lacked focus. During our initial session, Larry was able to immediately identify my key strengths so that I could present myself in a more marketable way. He provided inspiration and a focus to my interviews which enhanced my self confidence and ultimately led to my first position in administration. Three months after our first coaching session, I was hired! Working with Dr. Aronstein was the best investment I ever made in myself. Maureen Gallagher, Assistant Principal

Dr. Aronstein is a phenomenal career and interview coach. For me, he turned the complex and sometimes scary interview process into a painless and exciting endeavor. He helped me make the jump from teacher to administrator and launched my career.  I highly recommend sitting down with Dr. Aronstein, even if it’s for one hour! He is a wealth of information and an outstanding coach who can help focus you and send you on to a wonderful career path.   A.C.
I’d like to thank you for teaching me some of your coaching techniques. They definitely helped me impress the interview committee of the Hempstead School District. The most influential strategy during my interview process was telling them the 3 most important things I want them to know about me when they ask the question “So, tell us about yourself.” It was one of the first questions they asked me & answering that question was the highlight of the interview. Thanks again for your help Dr. A!
Marques McFarlin , Special Education Teacher
Going through the process of interviewing with committees and central office personnel can be quite a frightening experience. Sometimes no matter how much you prepare yourself you may seem to never receive that call back for a second or third round interview. If you are someone new to the educational field or an experienced educator that is transitioning to another district or is attempting to transition to an administrative position, you MUST use Dr. Aronstein as a resource. He is full of insightful and useful information regarding the process that is going on the other side of the interview table. He has been insightful and full of knowledgeable information throughout my interview process. I look forward to continuing to use Dr. Aronstein as I transition from an educator to an administrator in the future. –Jeff Dimoulas
I have been a regular Ed. teacher for over 16 years and was looking to advance my career in a leadership role.  I needed to update my resume, cover letter and find someone who could prepare me for interviews.  I found Dr. Larry Aronstein, a retired Superintendent for over 25 years on Long Island.  Dr. Aronstein helped make my resume and cover letter stand out and with the help of his 20 most common asked questions, prepared me for the toughest of interviews.  I am currently Dean of Students in a new middle school in Brooklyn New York.
Sincerely, Mr. D. Dodson

Golf is the most challenging sport I play.  Recently, I decided to enlist the help of a Golf Pro to see if I could improve my game. In the first lesson, my new coach made a few mechanical adjustments to my swing and I felt a difference immediately.  Unfortunately my score did not improve much.

My coach then accompanied me on a 9 hole round where I played 100% the way he told me to play.  From club selection to how hard I stroke the ball, the pro decided everything.  The coach instructed me to play in a way I would have never played.  At times I was frustrated and downright confused, but I stayed the course!  At the end of the round we compared my score on this round to my previous round.  I improved from a 61 to a 47. So what?

I have been playing golf for 30 years and have encountered just about every situation imaginable on the golf course.  But I never had someone who could guide me through the decision-making part of golf.  Dr. Aronstein is to my admin job as the coach is to my golf game. Dr. Aronstein has had a profound affect on my professional career as an educational administrator.  If not for his guidance and brutally honest assessment of my actions, I would not have found nearly as much success.  Dr. Aronstein helped me land my leadership job and he continues to help me navigate it.  Administration is hard.  It is a high profile, high stakes job and in most cases, there are no second chances.  It is essential to have a trusted mentor who can help you navigate your early years.  To me, Dr. Aronstein has been a tremendous asset and more importantly, a trusted friend. G.G.

As a veteran educator I was looking to advance my career and Dr. Aronstein provided the guidance and support I needed. His job coaching techniques and his experiences were instrumental in my preparation. David

Testimonial:  I got a few interviews prior to meeting Dr. Aronstein, but I could tell there were some tools missing from my interview repertoire.  I was unsure what the interview committees were looking for, but meeting with Dr. Aronstein helped me “tell my story” in a way that made me memorable and stand out among other candidates.  I was given permission to let my character, values, and personality come out, and that made the interviews so successful.  I am now an assistant principal and have gotten the proverbial foot in the door. I recommend Dr. Aronstein to others and truly appreciate his insight, guidance and wealth of knowledge.  Mark Palios


  1. As a veteran educator I was looking to advance my career and Dr. Aronstein provided the guidance and support I needed. His job coaching techniques and his experiences were instrumental in my preparation.

  2. Dr. Aronstein it a brilliant man, who knows the school system in and out. He can help you become the best because he is the best. He will tell you the truth and through honesty and molding you will be guaranteed interview ready!

  3. How fortunate I am to have had Dr. Aronstein as an interview coach and mentor! He cared about my success and, more importantly, for me as a person. I highly recommend his services. JM

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