Impact on Instructional Improvement: Career Education.
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Aronstein, Laurence, Ed. – Impact on Instructional Improvement, 1974
The special issue of IMPACT ON INSTRUCTIONAL IMPROVEMENT focuses on career education and presents an editorial and six articles in that area. The issue’s theme editorial, Differing Views from Differing Perspectives, is by Laurence Aronstein. The articles included are: Infusing Career Education Concepts in the Curriculum, Albert J. Pautler, Jr.;…
Descriptors: Career Education, Cooperative Education, Educational Change, Integrated Curriculum

The Case for the Curriculum Worker in Career Education
Aronstein, Laurence W. – Impact on Instructional Improvement, 1974
The success or abortion of any major innovation is dependent on the involvement of all factions of the school faculty. Each holds a key to the improvement of instruction. The role of the curriculum worker in career education is to recognize the potential relationships among and between each of the components and catalyze syntheses to help…
Descriptors: Career Education, Cooperative Programs, Coordination, Curriculum Development

The School and Social Change–A Neo-Dewey Perspective
Aronstein, Laurence W. – New Voices in Education, 1972
Descriptors: Educational Responsibility, Educational Sociology, Social Change, Social Responsibility

Two Strikes, Then You’re Out
Aronstein, Laurence W. – Sci Teacher, 1969
Present testing devices are inadequate for the unbiased evaluation of the slow learner’s achievement in a laboratory demonstration oriented science course. The best method for testing the slow learner in science is to use a practical question based upon a laboratory demonstration or experiment which the teacher performs in class during the…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Demonstrations (Educational), Evaluation, Science Education

Detours on the Road to Site-Based Management.
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Aronstein, Laurence W.; And Others – Educational Leadership, 1990
A Bedford, Massachusetts, middle school lived through a series of critical incidents while moving into site-based management. Flaps developed over minute-taking responsibilities in faculty meetings and a student exchange arrangement with an inner-city middle school. A “pyramiding” process to close the communication gap helped maintain mutual…
Descriptors: Administrator Role, Communication Problems, Faculty Development, Junior High Schools

Contemporary Topics in Science
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Aronstein, Laurence W.; Beam, Kathryn J. – Journal of College Science Teaching, 1974
Discusses the offering of a Science for Poets course at the General Science Department of State University College at Buffalo, involving objectives, methods, and grouping techniques. Included are lists of problems proposed by teachers and students in the course. (CC)|
Descriptors: College Science, Course Descriptions, Course Objectives, General Science

An Interactive Workshop: Encouraging School-Based Management.
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Aronstein, Laurence W.; DeBenedictis, Kenneth L. – NASSP Bulletin, 1991
Describes a multifaceted administrator leadership workshop that relies on case studies, role playing, and peer coaching exercises to enhance leadership skills. Administrators work collaboratively with staff members to analyze problems, prioritize needs, make decisions, and facilitate these three processes by using a repertoire of group dynamic…
Descriptors: Administrator Effectiveness, Case Studies, Decision Making, Elementary Secondary Education

The Principal as a Leader of Curriculum Change: A Study of Exemplary School Administrators.
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Aronstein, Laurence W.; DeBenedictis, Kenneth L. – 1988
A study conducted in Massachusetts between October 1986 and May 1987 assessed the behaviors and skills principals exhibit when they make curricular revisions. Questionnaires were sent to all superintendents in Massachusetts, of which 48 were returned. From the information furnished by these questionnaires, 18 principals were selected for onsite…
Descriptors: Administrator Qualifications, Administrator Role, Curriculum Development, Elementary Secondary Education
Action Learning: Student Community Service Projects.
PDF on ERIC Download full textAronstein, Laurence W.; Olsen, Edward G. – 1974
By engaging students in community service projects, action learning uses resources of the real world to give students opportunities to participate in performing tasks and making decisions that confront societal problems. Such projects should be decided on after a study of the needs of the community. After a project is selected, all relevant…
Descriptors: Community Action, Community Programs, Experiential Learning, Learning Processes

Contemporary Topics in Science: A Kit for Survival.
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Aronstein, Laurence W.; Beam, Kathryn J. – 1973
This paper discusses a college-level course on contemporary topics in science offered to non-science majors at the State University College of New York. The authors examine the objectives, methods, and various student groupings utilized in the course, investigate why it has been successful, and make recommendations for courses of this nature. The…
Descriptors: College Science, Course Content, Course Descriptions, Course Objectives


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